The Conquest of Go

Go (Igo, Baduk, Weiqi) is a board game that was created more than 2,500 years ago and is still played to this day. In Go, two players take turns placing stones on a board grid with the goal to control more territory than the opponent. The strategy to accomplish this goal runs deep, which is what has kept player's interest over the years. The Conquest of Go combines the gameplay of Go with a unique campiagn mode which allows the player to compete against nations for control of land and resources. Players will improve theirs skills by playing matches, reviewing matches, and completing tutorials and puzzles. Several educational and AI assisted features are available to help new and experienced players. Once the player has grasped the basics, they can also challenge opponents online, with more than 190,000 ranked players from around the world using the Online Go Server. The button above will take you to the Steam store page which has a full listing of features for the game.