Gun Golf

In Gun Golf, players compete using various weapons and power ups to navigate through obstacle courses in the shortest amount of time. Players are controlled in first-person view, and depending on the level, the goal is to get the player or an object from start to finish. The game comes with prebuilt levels, but users can also create and share their own levels through an in-game level editor.


In the clip below, you'll see the player shooting the ball with the intent of getting it to the green area to the right of where it begins. Going immediately right is blocked by a wall, but the player starts by banking the ball off of a couple of walls and using power ups such as the air dash forward to get setup, and then the time slow down to line up the final shot. The timer at the top starts as soon as the ball is first shot, and then stops once the ball crosses through the green finishing area to give the completion time that will be submitted to the leaderboards.

In-game Level Editor

In the clip below, you'll see two new objects get added to the level with their position, rotation, and scale modified using the in-game level editor. The in-game editor allows for endless content to be created by any user, which can be shared with other players to play and compete on the leaderboards.

Potential Features

  • Tutorial system to teach the core gameplay mechanics
  • First-person camera and character movement
  • Character powerups such as air dash, slow motion, rocket jumping, shot bending, and more
  • Replay system
  • Online Play
    • Compete for the top spot on the level completion leaderboards
    • Ability to create game lobbies in order to play through levels online with other players
    • Text chat
  • In-game Level Editor
    • Ability to create new levels from within the game, using the level editing tools
    • Ability to add, edit, and delete level objects
    • Ability to manage the position, rotation, and scale of level objects
    • Ability to publish levels for others to play